Standard Excellence

Welcome to Prolium. We are the undoubted leaders in above ground storage tank repair and maintenance.


API 653 Based Repair

We work with our clients and inspectors to ensure all above ground storage tank repairs meet API653-code standards. Whether we’re replacing floors and roofs, or modifying shell courses, we’ll keep your project up to code.

Design, Drafting and Engineering

As industry experts in design and drafting, we’ll review your engineered drawings to identify design conflicts or discrepancies. Based on your drawings, we’ll advise on the safest, most efficient route for your high-quality project. If you need engineers, no problem—we do that too.

General Contracting and Construction Management

We believe expert project management is the key to a safe and successful project. We’re pleased to provide general contracting and construction management services on any project—from project procurement, scheduling and budget tracking, to quality control and key performance indicators.

Trades and Labour

When you need tradespeople and skilled labour, we provide high-quality manpower such as:

  • CWB Welders
  • B-Pressure Welders
  • Pipe Fitters
  • Skilled Labourers and Apprentices

Shop Fabrication

We’re well-equipped to handle structural and pipe fabrication at our shop fabrication facility located west of Edmonton.

About Us

Unsurpassed project management, clear communication, and leading quality control delivers an experience you won’t find with anyone else. We hold the highest expectations in the industry—that’s just our everyday norm.

Our culture of Standard Excellence means we have the right people, process, and safety measures to support you and your team. The people at Prolium are committed to transparent communication and pushing each other to do better, no matter the job at hand. We train and engage our team to be transparent, proactive, safer, and to uphold a higher standard of communication while producing higher quality reports.

The processes at Prolium are led by transparency. Every dollar and minute is accounted for, so you know exactly what you’re getting and when. We don’t believe in projects going over schedule or over budget. Everything is tracked in real-time (including work accomplished and budget spent), for true accuracy and predictability. It’s about saving our clients time, stress, and money.

Case Studies

We’re experts at repairing and maintaining all types of above ground storage tanks across Canada, ranging in size from 12’ foot in diameter up to 210’ foot. To highlight our range of expertise, here are a few:

Case Study 2022

The Prolium Project's scope entailed demolishing and installing new tank roofing, rafters, columns, and a ring. Per current standards for tank construction, we replaced all materials in kind while ensuring they met client requirements. This process included supplying labour, materials, equipment fabrication, nondestructive evaluation (NDE), and final site installation. We also built an additional 24-access hatch to provide easy access from inside the plant to the roof area and a manway door along one side of the building for both areas.

The 30-foot diameter fixed cone roof storage tank was built over 20 years ago. The tank sits inside a gravel berm and rests on a concrete ring wall. Due to the interaction of glycol water and steel above the waterline, corrosive rusting has caused excessive corrosion on the top shell course and roof structure.

The work completed included installing a roof for the top of our tank and securing the outer shell with scaffolding for support. For fabrication, our new roofing materials were placed near other previously installed roofs. This process allowed the new structure to be manufactured easily at ground level using smaller equipment. A larger crane was then used to remove the old materials and install the new materials properly and safely.

Safety is our Priority

Our safety rating is right where we expect it—zero incidents. Aside from keeping our industry’s greatest assets safe, you save major costs by avoiding potential risks. Through our Prolium Safety Management Program (PSMP), we follow a specific, rigorous protocol that achieves results:

  • We report all near misses
  • Through training, engaged discussion, meetings, and processes, we build a thriving safety culture
  • Our safety is actionable, with our once-a-month “Lessons Learned” forum so that every employee is actively engaged in the highest standard safety culture

At Prolium, we create greater trust with our clients because we have actionable tools that boost transparency and safety. Our dedicated team, processes, and strict safety standards typically achieve 20% cost savings for our clients.

Brad Cruikshank

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